Basement Flooding


When it comes to ways to prevent basement flooding, most homes are either hooked up to a municipal water system or attached to a septic tank on the property. One of the most common features of these attachments is the use of a Sump Pump. A sump pump installation is normally placed in the basement or crawlspace, close to the basement drain that leads to the outside of the house, and are used to help stop basement flooding and other flooding on the property. The sump pump works to stop flooding by having a special valve that opens to allow water to flow away from the premises, but closes up when the water gets backed up in the system and tries to flow back into the property. When warranted, sump pumps can also be installed outside of the home, connecting to the drainage system further away from the property.

Various types of sump pumps exist, from a straightforward sump pump, to multi shutoff pumps to battery pump backups. To protect homeowners from the possibility of basement flooding and a power outage at the same time, most of the time a battery pump backup sump pump is recommended. These sump pumps and their accompanying systems use battery backups much the same way that smoke detectors do, by having a connection to the houses’ electrical system in addition to the ability to switch to a battery if the house’s power fails.

Our team of installation specialists have many years of experience with sump pumps and battery pump backup sump pumps. We make it our priority to make the installation process as quick, clean and simple as possible, so contact us today to work with us on determining your needs for basement flooding prevention services.

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