Concreting of the Slab

Concreting of the Slab

If you live in an older house you might find that your crawlspace will be have a pounded dirt floor. While this solution may work for some, and was a standard for quite some time, it may not be the most helpful of situations for your home. If you live in a moderately moist or humid climate, or you think that you are losing too much heat and paying too high of heating bills, it might be time to consider crawlspace concrete pouring to convert to a cement or concrete slab floor for your crawlspace.

In any home’s crawlspace, poured concrete floors are easy to maintain, help to manage moisture penetration better than dirt, are more energy efficient and can help to deter pests by making it harder for them to get in. Concrete floors can be installed easily, with or without a vapour barrier, and will last a long time. As a bonus, you can use your crawlspace as additional storage by adding a clean flat surface to hold items.

Interested in learning more about whether pouring a concrete slab in your crawlspace is the right solution for your home? Contact us today to learn more!

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